Rulon® Rods & Tubes

Rulon® Rods & Tubes

Rulon is a PTFE based proprietary material, engineered and developed with specific custom applications.

General purpose Rulon is a maroon colored material best known for its versatile properties. It is compatible with most steel and hard substances and has a universal chemical inertness.

Many specialty grades of Rulon are available upon request.

Some common applications of Rulon and its various grades are space and weight saving applications, bearings, wear plates, sealing applications, valve seats, and oscillating bearings.


  • High Wear Resistance
  • Low Friction
  • Excellent chemical properties
  • Long life
  • Good abrasion resistance

Available rod sizes:-

Rod Size AvailableDiametersLengths
12 up to 150 mm150 mm and 300 mm

Available Tube Sizes:-

Tube Size AvailableOuter DiameterInner DiameterLengths
25 mm up to 300 mm12.5 mm up to 275 mm100 mm
150 mm

NOTE: Custom sizes / diameters and lengths can be made upon request.

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