MC 901 Nylon

MC 901 Nylon

MC 901 is a modified nylon 6 grade with a distinctive blue colour that exhibits higher toughness, flexibility and fatigue resistance than PA 6. It has been proven to be an excellent material for gear wheels, racks and pinions.

Some common applications for Nylon grade MC 901 are conveyor rollers, sleeves for wheels, guide wheels, slide bearings, pulleys, and tension rollers.


  • Higher mechanical strength
  • Good sliding properties
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • High mechanical damping ability

Available sheet sizes:

Sheet Size AvailableStandard Sheet Dimensions (Length x Width)Thickness Range
2000 x 1000 mm5 mm up to 100 mm

Available Rod Sizes:-

Rod Size AvailableDiametersLengths
16 mm up to 300 mm1000 mm

NOTE: Custom tube sizes and lengths and larger diameters can be made upon request.

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