High Temperature Performance
A continuous service temperature (UL746B method) of up to 260C (500F) with excellent electrical and mechanical properties retained. HDT of up to 315C for reinforced grades

Strength & Toughness

Exceptionally high strength properties combined with good toughness over a wide range of temperatures.

Chemical Resistance

Insoluble in most common solvents and being semi-crystalline has excellent resistance to a very wide range of organic and inorganic liquids, at elevated temperatures.

Wear Resistance

Excellent friction and wear properties over a wide range of pressure, velocity, temperature and counterfacial roughness.

Inherently pure with exceptionally low levels of ionic extractables and excellent outgassing characteristics.

Radiation Resistance

Resistance to gamma radiation at high dose levels is exceptional

Low Flammability
UL V-O flammability rating down to 1.45 mm (0.057) without the use of additives.

Low Smoke and Toxic Gas Emission
The composition and inherent purity of the materials results in extremely low smoke and toxic gas emission in fire situations.

Hydrolysis Resistance

Can be used for thousands of hours at elevated temperatures in excess of 250C (482F) in steam or high pressure water environments without significant degradation in properties.

Electrical Properties

Remains stable over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies.


Easily processed using a wide range of conventional thermoplastic processing equipment.


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