PTFE Coated Fiber Glass
Fabrics, Tapes & Belts

  The exclusive properties of these PTFE Coated Fiber-Glass products mainly cloth, tapes, belts, threads etc.,   especially the ability to perform in high temperature conditions, the excellent heat transfer and non-stick   characteristics make it an indepensible component across a wide spectrum of industries, Technologically   advanced industries like defence, space research, aircrafts and missiles are premium markets for these special   products. Food processing and confectionery industries, which use plastic poly-pack packing, need it for   product as diverse as milk, ghee, oil, biscuit, soft drinks, mineral water etc., with modern dairies making for a   sizeable market segment. Personal care products like soaps, detergents, shampoos, blades and whole host of   such items also need their products. The textile industry uses it for covering drying cylinders, exit and entry   curtains over drying ovens etc, - an end use, also common in the chemical industry, where protective clothing is   yet another use area. These products also find application in woven sack industry, lamination plants and shrink   packaging. And this end-user club goes on expanding as newer industries of these products get in tune with   the versatility of these products.



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